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About OneAlpha

Used by airports and coordinators across the globe, OneAlpha is committed to providing comprehensive airport and coordination insights in an intuitive and user-friendly format.

OneAlpha’s next generation slot coordination and airport capacity management software, can play a key role in saving significant time for slot coordinators and airport management alike. Importantly empowering our clients in providing timely insights to help maximize airport assets in covid recovery.

Our system is purpose built for industry, with over 60 years in slot coordination and airport expertise.

Slot Coordination

OneAlpha’s cloud based software allows coordination of terminal, runway and apron, all on one software platform

Maximise Apron Capacity - Stand Planning Maximise Apron Capacity - Stand Planning Drag and drop flights on a chart of your apron to allocate gates or identify vacancies. Easily manage complex apron configurations as unique to your airport, from preferential gates to immigration and security considerations.
Check Constraints in One Click - Terminal Capacity Check Constraints in One Click - Terminal Capacity Whether for a single day or an entire season, OneAlpha’s algorithms check requests against runway and terminal requests to allocate flights. When capacity is reached, OneAlpha will recommend a change for the closest available option.
Dynamic Counter Optimisation - Check-in Counter Allocations Dynamic Counter Optimisation - Check-in Counter Allocations Move flights between counters, or automate the allocation of traditional and CUSS counters with OneAlpha’s counter management tool. Use our detailed reporting to optimise current counter capacity, and forecast future counter availability.
Streamlined & Responsive - Manage Working Queues Streamlined & Responsive - Manage Working Queues Stay on top of your season planning an never miss another SLA with OneAlpha’s clear and comprehensive work queue. Order and respond to requests easily and receive alerts when offers are close to expiry.
Airport Capacity Management

OneAlpha provides a clear view into current and future capacity of airport, enabling capacity optimization, as well as planning for future growth and infrastructure upgrades.

Optimise current capacity Optimise current capacity OneAlpha’s powerful reporting engines let you understand where your terminals’ pinch points are, where extra flights could be added and how this would impact current capacity.
Capacity planning Capacity planning Transparent information and data can be shared across departments to plan for future seasons and maximise revenue. OneAlpha also helps you to forecast how increases in infrastructure will impact capacity.
Manage infrastructure upgrades Manage infrastructure upgrades OneAlpha helps you to seamlessly upgrade infrastructure, through understanding how proposed construction will impact capacity constraints and managing reduced operation during the process.
Our Clients

Currently we have over 40 airports in seven countries on board and the list is growing.

From Europe to South America, Australia to the United States – OneAlpha is used in 42 Airports globally for slot coordination, infrastructure planning and capacity management.

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Our Features

OneAlpha automates the receipt and processing of slot requests to save time and maximise efficiency.

Cloud Based

OneAlpha's unique cloud-based architecture means that the system can be accessed from anywhere.


OneAlpha's infrastructure has been rigorously tested to protect against cyber-attacks.

User Friendly

OneAlpha's software brings together industry experience and intuitive design to offer one holistic solution.

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