ACA Case Study

“OneAlpha has revolutionised Slot Coordination – it is the most functional and user-friendly software on the market.”

Claudia Guth, System Specialist, Airport Coordination Australia (ACA)

ACA uses OneAlpha for slot coordination for its clients across the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Europe.

The OneAlpha system saves the ACA team time and resources, and allows the team to focus on the key coordination issues. Some of the key features that really appeals to ACA include:

  • The ability to coordinate Terminal, Runway and Apron all on one comprehensive system is invaluable. Gone are the days of having to look at the runway, terminal and apron individually, and in different systems. Previously doing one capacity check could take up to 45 minutes, now it only takes a few minutes.
  • There’s no more trawling through emails for SAL, SCR messages thanks to the OneAlpha messaging system. All messages are managed and stored through one system which saves time, and importantly provides an audit trail.”
  • The OneAlpha SAL mode with the prioritization and automation features. This helps ACA in that it automatically prioritizes the slots according to the guidelines. There is significant time saving now that we don’t have to do a lot of it manually.
  • Below is an ACA airport case study and the benefit delivered by the OneAlpha system:
    1. Airport Profile:

      • Level 3 International Airport
      • Runway, Apron and Terminal Constraints
      • 2,112 Message Requests Received
      • 14 Million Passenger Movements Annually
    2. Results on OneAlpha:

      • 18,482,160 capacity check’s completed
      • SAL prioritization completed in 60 seconds
      • Initial Coordination completed in 2 hours 50 minutes, instead of days, and in some cases weeks
  • The Apron planning tool leads the industry. The ability to have confidence that a schedule fits on a designated apron provides ACA not only peace of mind, but saves significant time in manual checking.
  • The OneAlpha system helps us minimise the time, focus and resourcing required to process 70% of our slot coordination work, so we can really focus on the 30% that really requires our attention and for our customers.

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