Supporting Airport Innovation and Customer Service

Stratus Airports and OneAlpha became partners in 2020 to support Stratus’ focus on innovation, and deliver the best results for their customers.

OneAlpha get a 10/10 for innovation and support.

The OneAlpha product and team have provided us with both an innovative and user-friendly slot coordination and airport capacity software platform, and the customer support that we were looking for.


Unlike other coordination systems, the software has provided us with confidence and the reliability that is critical to our customers. The OneAlpha team
is committed to customer service. From the comprehensive training and onboarding, to a commitment to customer service on simple requests such as developing tailored report templates for our stakeholders when we need them. This has been invaluable for our team, saving us time and helping us deliver.

With this partnership, Stratus is able to deliver fast and assertive responses to our customers, providing confidence and maximization in the planning of their operations, so that there are no conflicts between schedule demands and capacity at airports.

Always looking to bring our customers the best technological solution, and facilitate the relationship between airports and airlines, we value and appreciate our partnership with OneAlpha Technologies.Stratus Airports

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