Currently we have over 40 airports in seven countries on board and the list is growing

From Europe to South America, Australia to the United States – OneAlpha is used in 42 Airports globally for slot coordination, infrastructure planning and capacity management.

Airports coordinated using OneAlpha include: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Shannon, Perth, Viracopos, Newark (Terminal B), Cairns, Darwin, Manila, Adelaide, Port Moresby, Gold Coast and a number of airports in Saudi Arabia.

Now more than ever, being nimble and having the ability to respond to the constantly changing operating environment and airline schedules is critical. Having lived it first hand, I know the importance of putting timely information in the hands of slot coordinators and airport management alike to work through the complexities of each schedule, and get the most out of airport assets. We understand this is critical in a normal operating environment, its even more critical for the complexities of a COVID recovery operating environment.Carl Jones,

Vice President Global Business Development
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