Our Board Team
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

John is an experienced private equity & venture capital investor and hands-on Chairman & Director. He has a proven business development track record across a wide range of industries and situations. This includes IPO’s, public markets, acquisitions, debt and equity fundraising, start-ups, corporate reorganisation, debt restructuring and management team development.

John has worked for UK investor 3i and investment bank Rothschild, where he was principal lead in over 30 LBO and development capital transactions in the UK, SE Asia, Australia & New Zealand. He has direct executive experience in over 100 private equity transactions and has driven many companies through the investment cycle to exit.
From 2006 – 2020 John was Chairman of Gentrack Ltd, and its subsidiary Veovo which is a leading provider of airport management software.  John is currently the Chairman of a number of private SaaS businesses.

John originally trained as an engineer with Jaguar Cars and has a Masters Degree in Engineering and Management from Birmingham University.

Board Member

Ernst has 60 years’ experience in aviation, specializing in scheduling and slot coordination. Ernst spent much of his career as CEO of Airport Coordination Australia, and key contributing member of the IATA and world slot coordination community.

Ernst’s expertise has been integral in developing OneAlpha as the leading slot coordination and airport capacity management software.

Ernst is recognised internationally as one of the world’s most respected experts in airport/airline slot design and scheduling. This achievement has been recognised through his leadership and membership of a number of international aviation scheduling committees including:

  • 1981 – 2015 member of the IATA Scheduling Procedures Committee, later Joint Slot Advisory Group (JSAG). Ernst was Chairman of JSAG from 1987 to 1997. His chairmanship was marked by a significant improvement in international slot design and airline scheduling.
  • 1988 – 1997 Executive member of IATA Congestion Task Force and member of Executive Board of the Air Transport Action Group on Worldwide Airport Capacity and Facilitation issues.
  • 1981 – 2015 Member of National Facilitation Committee Australia (NFAL).
  • 2007 Coordination of Slot allocations for APEC Leader Meeting Sydney.

Ernst Krolke remains archive in the industry as a highly respected aviation consultant, world leader in airline slots design and scheduling, and OneAlpha Board member.

Board Member

Wendy is a former company founder, investor, advisor, and Non-Executive Director contributing knowledge, capital, and connections to mid-market and emerging ventures. Her professional background includes 25 years’ experience in People and Culture leadership across a number of Industries.

Wendy is actively involved in the early-stage and innovation eco-system, as an advisor, investor and Board member, and manages a portfolio of early-stage ventures for her family fund. Wendy also Chairs her family philanthropic foundation.

Board Member

Frank is a senior executive and architect with over 22 years of technology industry experience in the education, airline and engineering vertical markets across both the private and government sectors.

Frank is currently CEO of Playtime Solutions which specializes in building award-winning platform solutions in Banking and Finance, Airlines, Publishing and Media, Professional Services, Engineering, Utilities, Ecommerce, and Government Frank is a highly energised and productive individual who promotes great communication and a sense of team to ensure all members belong and support each other’s work growth and learning. He believes value in software is created not just by what people know and do but also by their relationships and what they accomplish together.

He is passionate about lean work practices that promote excellent application of programming techniques; clear communication; and teamwork and delivery Frank welcomes opportunities to work in a highly professional, focussed and successful operation with motivated individuals. Alternately, he has experience as a change agent, and would also be keen to lead or be part of a programme of changing an organisation to best practice.

Board Member

Sonia is a current OneAlpha board member and co-founder of OneAlpha. Sonia has 15 years experience working in leadership roles in both the utilities and technology sectors.

Her knowledge of small business practices and operational requirements within a software environment allow her to provide a valuable link between the OneAlpha team and the board.

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