23 Mar, 2020 Sonia Burman

Apron Management

Visualise your apron in an easy to digest (Gantt chart) format. This easy to use apron tool will enable all stakeholders to participate in decision making without having learn OneAlpha platform.

Upgrade and downgrade any apron position due to adjacency rules, planned outages easily to meet the current operating conditions of your airport.

Work Remotely

OneAlpha is a cloud-based solution which promotes work flexibility. Users are able to log in to OneAlpha through their browser and begin coordinating. Your data is safely stored and accessible only to you.

Easy processing of Cancellations

Easily process the cancellations coming through and run reports to understand how these cancellations will impact the passenger flow through the terminal.

The Airline Portal provides airlines the ability to process any changes without interacting with the coordinator. Automated message processing will reduce the workload on your planning staff, freeing them to complete other tasks and maintain stakeholder contact in this buy period.

Manage Terminal Constraints

OneAlpha can change terminal constraints to account for a longer immigration period (reduced capacity) for airports performing health checks for travellers entering the country.

OneAlpha has flexible rules configurations which can be set down to specific time or date ranges. This will allow you to manage your capacity according to actual planned available resources.

Simulate the impact of changes to passenger flow and apron capacity

Use OneAlpha to simulate the above variations to determine how the addition of remote apron positions, an increase in processing time and a reduction in passenger numbers will impact the airport operations.

OneAlpha can provide you multiple seasons so you can prepare for your return to normal operations.

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