02 Jun, 2022

John Clifford, Chairman of OneAlpha Technologies is delighted to announce Carl Jones’ appointment as CEO of OneAlpha Technologies Pty Ltd. Carl has been with OneAlpha since joining the company as VP Global Business Development in May 2021.

“Carl brings to the role a strong understanding of the slot coordination and capacity management opportunity worldwide and a long track record of commercial outcomes and managing successful teams delivering great outcomes. He will lead and support the OneAlpha team in taking the company forward and maximising benefits of our software to our customers.”

Carl is known to many in the industry, having spent the last 15 years in senior airport management roles. Prior to joining OneAlpha, Carl was the SVP Aviation Development at Brisbane, and before that spent 5 years at Vancouver Airport and 7 years at Melbourne Airport leading the Aviation Business Development teams to record growth.

“I look forward to leading the OneAlpha team to our next phase of growth and sharing our software platform with the worlds slot coordinators and airports” Carl said. “I thank our customers for their support and look forward to maximising the benefits of the OneAlpha offering to our existing and new customers alike.”

“Now more than ever, being nimble and having the ability to respond to the constantly changing operating environment and airline schedules is critical. Having lived it firsthand, I know the importance of putting timely information in the hands of slot coordinators and airport management alike to work through the complexities of each schedule and get the most out of airport assets. We understand this is critical in a normal operating environment, it’s even more critical for the complexities of a COVID recovery operating environment. “

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