Airline Portal Launch at SC145

We are excited to launch our airline portal at the 145th IATA Slot Conference in Brisbane this week. The airline portal makes it easy for airlines to submit requests, check real-time runway and terminal availability and view schedule information.

Message Exchange

Submit slot requests via our WASG standard message entry. It is a simple as copy, paste and save. Unfamiliar with WASG standard? Our guided message entry option allows you to request a slot with ease.

The Message Exchange lets you keep track of all messages sent from you operation and received from the coordinator. No more missed emails!

Scheduling Queue

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing the current status of your request. The Scheduling Queue provides visibility between Coordinators and Operators reducing stress and unnecessary phone calls. Like the Message Exchange, we provide a clear view of all requests that have passed through OneAlpha.

Current Schedule Information

The Current Schedule Information feature provides an easy way to read and navigate slot instructions. It is has a highly configurable search feature making it easy to pinpoint the information you are looking for.

Looking for a copy of your entire schedule to download? No problems. Simply choose the export option to download in .csv format.

Current Runway and Terminal Availability

OneAlpha provides live heat maps which enable accurate and timely decision making. Simply click into the day you’re looking for availability and you can be confident the slot will be available when you apply.

Organize a demo at SC145 today via app cal or email Sonia directly